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Rome Returns

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Rome Returns
This is an Age of empires 1 replica mod with AoC features.
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Technical informations

Technical informations

Version log
Current version 1.3.1:1.3.1 - Ai villagers no longer should get stucked while want to build. (huge thanks to CheeseOnToast_FE)1.3 - New features:1.3 - Aoe1-like interface skin!1.3 - New wonders! (thanks to Jan dc and Tzontlimixtli)1.3 - Two new units: Elite Slinger and Heavy Camel Rider! (thanks to todler)1.3 - Trade cart replaced by Caravan (thanks to todler)1.3 - Added aoe1 Taunts.1.3 - Hun civilization renamed to Scythian (most of the civ-tree is same)1.3 - Korean civilization replaced by Mauryan (full rework, thanks for the idea to UsacDynastic)1.3 - General fixes:1.3 - Fisherman drops food to Granary instead Storage pit to prevent a bug. (reported by Lloyd_Garcia & Ariota)1.3 - Academy hotkey by default is S (blacksmith) and fixed the "CTRL go to" command. (reported by Ariota)1.3 - Most of % bonuses/changers are reviewed and should do correct values. (counted and reported by Ariota)1.3 - Lot of units got a new LoS or Search radius to be equal. (no range changed)1.3 - Slinger no longer gets +1 unintended damage from Alchemy technology.1.3 - Logistic no longer should mess up the Slinger's upgrades.1.3 - Jihad shows correctly the extra damage for female villagers. (reported by Ariota)1.3 - Several Campaign map has been fixed. (reported by Lloyd_Garcia & [ByT]Poxo)1.3 - Wall graphics has been updated. (not the best one, but no more holes on it)1.3 - Lion while walking is no longer invisible.1.3 - Lion and Alligator behave like wolf in aoe2 (still gives food, but needed some extra trick from SvsW2)1.3 - Special Ai villagers gets civ bonuses too1.3 - Jungle trees have correct density. (reported by Ariota)1.3 - Ruins 2 appear correctly if owned by gaia. (reported by Lloyd_Garcia)1.3 - Fixed Single Pole Flag's name in editor. (reported by Lloyd_Garcia)1.3 - Stone Miners no longer should be named as Xerxes. (no idea what causing this bug for certain people)1.3 - Siege projectiles landed on ground will make an exploding effect, instead of just disappear.1.3 - Stone projectiles for catapults appears at correct coordinates.1.3 - Farms on Fortress random map are 1 tile closer to TC.1.3 - Medusa's second death will be a Catapult not an Onager.1.3 - Several tooltip fixes.1.3 - Balance changes:1.3 - Scout +1 pierce armor.1.3 - Scout gets an additional 0.1 movement speed in Bronze and Iron age.1.3 - Slingers will be affected by infantry armor upgrades.1.3 - Axeman +2 damage vs chariots, chariot archer and camel riders.1.3 - All Chariots and Heavy Horse Archer -5% movement speed.1.3 - All towers and walls +1 pierce armor and +2 vs slingers.1.3 - Bronze, Iron and Tower shield gives bonus armor for Cavalry-line too.1.3 - Stone projectiles are 30% faster (catapults etc).1.3 - Heavy Catapult can destroy tress by targeting, not just ground attack.1.3 - Civilization changes:1.3 - Babylonian: Walls and towers +75% hp instead of 2x1.3 - Choson: Granary and Storage pit cost 100 wood from 1201.3 - Egyptian: Chariot +25% hp instead of +33%1.3 - Greek: Villagers get +20% foraging, All ship move 20% faster and Academy units cost -20%1.3 - Hittite: Siege weapons +60% hp instead of 2x1.3 - Macedonians: Fixed the convert resistance and +2 line of sight not 1.3 also +2 search radius too1.3 - Mauryan: General rework from Korean (too long to list it)1.3 - Persian: Villagers get +20% hunting instead of +30% and the whole Trireme-line gets the bonus1.3 - Palmyran: Fixed the missing trade ships work rate increased by 25% bonus1.3 - Phoenician: Villagers get +20% wood cutting not +30%, Cat. Tri and Jug +30% fire rate not 50%1.3 - Scythian: Lost Chariot Archer and the projectile speed bonus, but scouts are trained 2x faster1.3 - Shang: Villagers cost 40 Food instead of 351.3 - Sumerian: Farms have +125 Food instead of +250 and Stone Throwers +30% fire rate not +50%1.3 - Yamato: Villagers gets +20% movement speed instead of +30%1.2 - New features:1.2 - Added Ai for comp by
Leto_kunyika! Not just plays, but fair challenge even for good players! (more info)1.2 - All AoE + RoR + Demo Campaigns with total 64 maps! (more info)1.2 - Changed hotkeys to AoE2!1.2 - New background in game room, now black texts are eaiser to read.1.2 - Players starts with Scout in random maps.1.2 - After Wheel is researched, in Iron age Trade Cart is create-able! (requested by several person)1.2 - Reaching Bronze Age allows to build TC (no need anymore Government Center for it)1.2 - General fixes:1.2 - Regicide working again! (with some new elements) (reported by Gestaltzerfall)1.2 - Nomad works too, also TC rebuilding is fixed. (reported by Gestaltzerfall)1.2 - Villager's size radius is 0.2 instead of 0.25 (won't get stucked that common).1.2 - Trade boat/Merchant ship's graphics and workrate fixed.1.2 - Trade boat/Merchant ship now can directly send to Dock.1.2 - Fishing Ship no longer turns back to the old texture after upgraded. (reported by CrimsonCaravan)1.2 - Fishing Ship fish searching is fixed.1.2 - Woodcutter no longer gather wood from Shore fish. (reported by Pak_Fortay)1.2 - Large ships (Trireme and Catapult Trireme) now sink 20% faster when killed.1.2 - Fire Galley sinking graphics fixed. Had the si
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